Our Mishion

Offer only the highest quality production and fine jewelry alongside pressure free expert

guidance to ensure our customers' success, using only the best raw materials available

Services From Us

Plating – Quality Control

We have state of the art in house finishing, plating, and quality control capabilities to manufacture repetitive constant, and superb quality.

Casting – Filling – Polishing – Setting

We have state of the art in house capabilities to manufacture with a wide range of equipment and processes. Not only do we have in house casting, we also do in house, full production, filing, polishing, finishing, stone setting with the customers choice of crystals, CZ, precious, semi-precious and opaque stones.


We are expert in assisting to design and develop items 100% exclusive and discreet to you. (OEM/ODM) With a choice of degree and type of finishing, we can create the price points that exactly meet the needs of your particular customers and market place.
we offer one of the widest selections of best-selling contemporary designs as well as many classic styles appropriate for your customers.


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